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Food-Grade and Commercial Grade Dry Van Trailers
Across 48 States

Extra Mile is a family owned trucking company that invests into the latest equipment, technology, and driver education. Working with an exclusive client base to maintain timeliness and quality.

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Is Your Company Currently Facing These Problems?

Lack of communication
Tired of not knowing the status of your shipments?
Uncertain Costs
Worried about uncertain rates when dealing with brokers?
Broken promises
Sick of trucks not showing up at the specified time?
Unprofessional Drivers
Your team and customers are tired of unprofessional drivers affecting your reputation?

Why Work With Extra Mile?

100% Clarity

24/7 access to our support team seven days a week and access to an owner when needed.

Increase Margins

Cut out the middle man and work directly with a reputable trucking company with a track record to lower rates and add stability.

On Time

When you rely on the latest equipment and qualified drivers, you can can have peace of mind your loads arrive in a timely manner.


What We Offer

Family-owned and operated.

Our fleet consists of company drivers and owner-operators, pulling food-grade/commercial-grade dry van trailers. We specialize in 3PL spot market and Direct-Shipper dedicated accounts.

Food-grade and Commercial-grade dry van trailers.

Top Tier Professional Drivers With The Latest Technology & Equipment.

Available throughout the 48 contiguous states.

About Us

Meet The Partners

With over a decade of industry expertise, our journey began behind the wheel, advancing from drivers to dispatchers, and swiftly moving into management and ownership roles.

We’ve mastered all facets of trucking operations. Driven by a deep-rooted passion for family, health, and a commitment to being the best carriers in the industry, our company pledges unwavering excellence and customer satisfaction.

Vice President

Hear From Our Dedicated Drivers

We train, motivate, mentor, and do everything we can to shape each driver into a true ROAD WARRIOR. Happy drivers means a better experience for you and your customers.

“Hi this Courtney I am very happy working for this company. You get to make very good money. I have not been lied to. That tells a lot about a company. I have been out there for 20 year’s and I have found my place to retire from at Extra Mile.”

Courtney C.

Driver, Extra Mile

“I’ve been a driver with Extra Mile for a little over 4 years and let me tell you, Boris and the rest of the team has always treated me like family with nothing but respect. I had a cousin that worked here as well and when he passed on from health issues, they flew me out to Kansas to take care of his personals and no b.s. they did it all no charge! For that alone I will forever be grateful! Over here you’re not a number like a lot of these other companies. If you’re needing some loads hauled this is for you! I have been driving for 11 years and I don’t see myself going anywhere else.”

Brian M.

Driver, Extra Mile

“I am a 19 year veteran in this trade. I’ve been with these guy for 3 yrs now and these guys are without a doubt the best guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Their dispatchers are among the best I’ve ever worked with they truly care about me.

Todd L.

Driver, Extra Mile


Frequent Asked Questions

How does ExtraMile ensure effective Communication and Transparency in managing my shipments?

Direct Communication & Transparency: At ExtraMile, we distinguish ourselves from the competition by prioritizing direct and transparent communication, setting us apart from the obscured pathways you might encounter with brokers.

We understand the importance of staying informed, which is why we offer real-time updates and maintain open lines of communication, ensuring you're always in the know about your shipments and can make informed decisions.

Utilizing the latest in logistics technology, we provide detailed tracking and status reports accessible anytime, enhancing your experience and decision-making process. As a family-operated business, our commitment to care, support, and responsiveness is unparalleled.

We're not just a service provider; we're your dedicated partner in logistics, offering a personal touch that others simply cannot match.

Our approach ensures not only the smooth handling of your shipments but also peace of mind, knowing you have a reliable and communicative partner every step of the way.  

How does ExtraMile ensure the Reliability and Professionalism of its shipping services?

Reliability & Professionalism: Our dedicated fleet, which utilizes the latest, regularly maintained equipment, and our professional drivers, ensure we handle your shipments with the utmost care. This ensures timely deliveries and the safety of your goods.

Our commitment significantly minimizes the risk of operational headaches that often accompany working with unvetted or low-cost carriers.

Such carriers may gamble on meeting your needs without investing in proper equipment maintenance or employing the caliber of drivers you would want representing your best interests.

What makes Extra Mile different from brokers/other freight companies?

In today’s rapidly evolving logistics landscape, the difference between just moving goods and strategically advancing your business’s logistics capabilities has never been more critical.

As an ideal carrier, we stand apart by fostering Strategic Partnership Enrollment Periods—a testament to our commitment to not just service, but transformative collaborations providing personalized service to ensure we achieve the intended outcomes.

Our clients are not a number among hundreds or thousands, but a select group of partners who we get to know more intimately. Your success is genuinely our success.

What is a Strategic Partnership with ExtraMile?

At ExtraMile, a Strategic Partnership goes beyond traditional logistics services—it's a collaborative relationship where we align our operations, technologies, and goals with yours to ensure mutual success.

By engaging in a Strategic Partnership Enrollment Period, we carefully select partners who share our commitment to excellence, transparency, and innovation. This ensures that every partnership is not just about moving freight but about moving forward together towards greater efficiency, reliability, and growth.

With ExtraMile, you're not just finding a carrier; you're finding a dedicated ally committed to elevating your logistics experience and helping you navigate the complexities of modern shipping with confidence and clarity.

Embarking on this journey together means transforming challenges into opportunities and fostering success through our shared vision and values. We truly understand and embrace the idea that your success is our success.

How does ExtraMile provide solutions that specifically address my company's unique logistics needs?

Custom-Tailored Solutions: We go beyond one-size-fits-all logistics. Our approach is to understand your unique challenges—whether it’s mitigating delayed deliveries, ensuring the integrity of your goods, or managing costs.

We then tailor solutions that align with your strategic goals, ensuring that your logistics operations enhance your competitive edge.

How does ExtraMile's commitment to strategic growth shape the partnerships we choose to develop?

Sustainability & Long-Term Focus: We look beyond short-term gains, focusing on long-term partnerships where we're growing together. This means not only are we committed to responsible practices, but we’re also invested in the continuous improvement and reliability of your supply chain.

Choosing us means opting for a partner dedicated to elevating your freight experience, ensuring that logistics is a competitive advantage for your business, not just a necessity.

What qualities does ExtraMile seek in clients for forming strategic partnerships?

At ExtraMile, our commitment to excellence and fostering long-term partnerships guides the criteria we use to select our shipping partners. We aim to align with companies that share our values and vision, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship built on the following core principles:

Shared Vision for Growth:
We look for partners who see beyond the conventional logistics provider relationship, focusing instead on collaborative growth. Engaging with us means entering a partnership that transcends mere transactions, aiming for collective success.

Operational Transparency:
We believe that open communication and transparency are the bedrock of effective collaboration. Our ideal partners value this openness, facilitating smoother operations and problem-solving.

Strategic Fit:
It’s essential that your logistics needs and goals resonate with our expertise and capabilities. We’re here to offer solutions tailored to your specific challenges, aiming for a partnership that enhances your competitive edge.

Respect for Professionalism and Integrity:
At the heart of our operations are professionalism and integrity. We expect the same commitment from our partners, fostering a business relationship grounded in respect and ethical conduct.

‍By embracing these principles, we’re confident in our ability to collectively elevate logistics operations, offering your business a distinct competitive advantage. ExtraMile isn’t just seeking clients; we’re looking to forge lasting partnerships that drive success and innovation.

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