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tecademics review

What is Tecademics, How to Join Tecademics and How to Make Money with it [Review]

Hi everyone,welcome to my quick Tecademics Review,I am going to give you a detailed information about this company,whichTecademics is this affiliate company that specializes in the college or  education or internet marketing training courses that     was launched by Chris Record In August this year and exposed to the public this September

Chris Record is very successful internet marketer and also has made
his name in Empower Network Company,being a 8 figure earner,who has
helped a lot of people through his marketing training courses and
inspired many including me,even this blog I followed one of his
trainings to set it up,he is really influencial.

What are the Tecademics Products?

These are the following courses in a nut shell:

  • TEC (The Entrepreneurs Club, costs $100 a month) – “a 100% online learning experience designed for beginners who want to learn more about internet marketing”, costs $100 a month
  • IMPACT ($2000) – a “home-study course you can think of as the “Encyclopedia of Internet Marketing””
  • MASTERS ($10,000) – “one-time tuition fee for our TecAdemics, College of Internet Marketing, includes 120 credit hours and allows for 2 people to attend”                                                    

Tecademics Compensation Plan:

Tecademics compensation plan pays affiliates who sell the product to customers and other affiliates,the good things here trainings are suit for everyone who is new to this industry or anyone who want to use the internet to take their business to the next level,

The affiliates qualifies to earn up to 40% commission on tecademics products which are

  • $40 per month for a TEC Membership,as it is sold at $100,the one I have started with
  • $800 for IMPACT ,sold at $2000
  • $4000 for MASTERS sold at $10000

But there’s something strange with this

When you sell your first set of products ,you earn 20% commission and 20% commission goes to your upline

Once you have made at least three sales on any tier you can get 40% commission on the next four sales,then the fifth sale will be split between you and your upline,this will go back and forth:

In better words, The first sale on a tier is an activation sale that is 40% commission is paid to your upline

The next four sale pays out 40%  commissions to the affiliate,thus the fifth and every fifth sale thereafter  is split 40% half and half between you and your upline

For those who join my team I provide back the 20% commissions  of their first sale and fourth sales that comes to me

Matching Bonus

You may watch the quick overview in the video below

In order to qualify for Tecademics Matching Bonus you must  hit the following earnings within 36 months:

When you first hit $100,000 in commissions, you earn a 100% match and receive another $100,000 on top.

When you first hit $1,000,000 in commissions, you earn a 100% match and receive another $1000,000 on top.

Just remember, you must hit these income numbers within 36 months to qualify…

also Chris Record will be giving away BMW i8 for affiliates who will hit these Matching Bonus at the end of November,so it might be you reading this post,click on the banner below to find out more details and join freely.

How Can I Join Tecademics?

The Tecademics affiliate membership is free,you will be the Tecademics ambassador  and you will earn commissions in your backoffice but at this stage you won’tqualify to withdraw ,you will qualify for withdrawing your commissions when you activate your affiliate membership by buying one of the products

If you want to get paid the big bucks, you must either sell or buy the $100 per month and then $2000, $10,000 or $12,000 product.

The $12,000 product is called Elite Fam insider which gives you the Masters course and full year for the TEC membership.

Moreover if you sign up as a free member or Tecademics Ambassador  you will have access to 100% Free trainings in your backofffice,there are more more than what you see below,there are  about 30 free training videos:

You can also have a free preview of this training courses by clicking here

  • [CASE STUDY] Student Makes $35.5K with Shopify in 12 Days!
  • How to Get Facebook Video Views for $0.01 or Less Each!
  • 7 Steps to Triple Your Facebook Engagement
  •  FB Marketing
  • [Step By Step Tutorial] How To Set Up & Run FB Lead Ads To Build Your Email List
  • How to Make 6-Figures Online With Print on Demand Products
  • How To CONVERT Sales Through Email
  • HOW TO Create Resources Out of Thin Air & Raise Money For Your
  • Tips to Overcome The Sales Objections Everyone Faces
  • How To Make 5 Figures Per Month Online With Client Work From Small Business Owners
  • How to Index and Rank Your Blog Post in Under 60 Seconds
  • How To 10X Your Business To 6 Figures Per Month! (2.5 Hour Pure Value Training!)

Does this Excite you??,If Yes then

                              CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW


Is Tecademics the Best Top Tier Company?

I know you know they are top tier companies that you can partner with but I decided to join this as most of the essential training is free and you can join as an ambassador and when you earn much enough u pay for affiliate and start earning huge bucks

On the side of Chris Records previous content I found Tecademics  100% being legit,as his primary goal  to help other people succeed and he is the famous known internet marketer and  great content provider,the most popular being Dark Post Profits.

So what more else do you want?

                         Sign Up Now and Start Your Free Trainings

Hope you have enjoyed Tecademics Review,If you have any questions or suggesstions you can leave the comments below.

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Much thanks,

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