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USI Tech Review-The best cryptocurrency / bitcoin opportunity

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Hey there, 

Welcome to my USI Tech review,

In this  USI Tech I will show WHY you should be involved in a Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency business and WHY,  I chose USI-TECH as my best recommended opportunity, Why Usi-Tech will be a billion dollar company in 2018 , Also Why  you should position yourself with USI now, and what is USI doing that only 2 other MLMs have ever done,and how it is possible to sustainably deliver the daily returns.In order to understand all these well I recommend you to read this post till the end and watch all presentation videos. And after that you may be able to take action to join us and the team in which most of the members have earned 4 to 5 figures.

Now,I recommend you to start watching the following video which is the greatest concise and real overview of the company and from which all the details of this post are covered.


The Company’s Product.

Being a 8 years old company,the company at first was trading forex and in March 2017,is when the bitcoin package was added.

The company offers two products that is Forex Software and Bitcoin Package.

The bitcoin package costs 50 euros (approximately $60),and gives a return of around 1% daily  for 140 working days,you can buy as many as packages as you can afford but the maximum number active packages you should have is 5000.

You can withdrawal your money via Bitcoin wallets or payza at any time and the minimum withdrawal should not be less tha 10 euros.

If you share this opportunity you will earn 10% from the  people you direct refer and 3% in your second level,that means from people refered by your direct sponsored members

Moreover this company has 3X12 matrix,you can earn money from all these levels provided you have bought at least 12 packages and you have three partners under you who have bought 12 packages,thus how you will unrock the matrix.

If you want to see more videos, I recommend this great short presentation by the leaders in my team on why we live in exciting times and why USI-Tech is a great legit opportunity.



Reasons why I recommend USI-Tech for anyone interested into Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Investment.


I recommend USI- Tech as I  know that it is legit, legal, transparent, has real products that help you multiply your money by leveraging on the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency markets and has a great management team that is doing all that it takes to grow the company and provide beneficial results for its customers.

In case you feel like reading, I made this comprehensive list of the points that make me love this company and feel secure in recommending it:

1.The Owners:

10 years track record of creating sophisticated automated forex trading software using in-house developers
History of producing results in a highly regulated forex market in the past with no loss of capital
Took their experience in financial markets and applied it to Cryptocurrency market
Have corporate, financial, IT and network marketing experience
Transparency of owners and management with profiles, social media history, visible at international events
History of listing 2 previous companies on large international stock exchanges
Owners are already multimillionaires, their goal is to help more people.

2.Business profitability and sustainability:

Well capitalised company with substantial cash reserves enabling opportunities to invest in its growth
Generation profits by diversifying and using AI and other proprietary software and diversifying in mining, trading, arbitrage and profiting from large swings in Bitcoin price
Generating daily returns well in excess of the returns paid to members ensuring sustainability
Attracting investors and strategic alliances to bring new technologies and opportunities to USI
On track to be a billion dollar company within 2 years of starting
About to release 2 new products that allow members to put their money to work and generate returns
Moving to Amazon server environment to ensure scalability as the company is experiencing viral growth
Investing in professional support, compliance and account verification staff
Adding additional management with vast industry experience
Investing in more office infrastructure in the UAE
Contracted marketing company that manages billion dollar brands to create marketing resources
Plans to IPO in 2019
Working on creating comprehensive reporting on how the returns are generated for greater transparency


3. USI-Tech :The Products:

Real products designed to offer income opportunity from both Forex and Cryptocurrency markets
You can use the products and generate returns with NO need to refer others
Proven track record of success of the products

4. Legality:

Legal opinions from top law firms in USA of compliance with SEC & FTC Here’s the video from the kick-start event of USI-Tech in USA, showing real Law Firm legal opinion about the Legality & Compliance of the company
You can choose to be only a customer without being an affiliate.
You can be an affiliate without an obligation to buy the product.
Returns promised are within the realms of what is achieved consistently in the cryptocurrency industry



All accounts making money, regular payments
Allows compounding


6. Results:

200,000+ happy members in  60+ countries since Nov 1, 2016
Created 12 millionaires in first 10 months
Averaging 2000+ new members a day
Over $350 in sales in the first 10 months


Why Should You Join USI-Tech??

You can earn daily returns from mining, trading and other revenue generating activities all done by the company for you with an outlay of as little as 50 Euro.

No need for you to be involved in trading, mining or any of the revenue generating activities in order to generate daily returns and accumulate profits

Simple commission model that is fair and equitable for all participants regardless of when they join.

You can register as a free member account and earn on referrals with no need for personal purchase.

You can multiply your initial outlay 4 to 5 times for a year, using the power of compounding.

You can access your returns and commissions daily, easily & withdraw to your personal Bitcoin wallet
Multiply your money using Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency.

Also,If you decide to share the opportunity with others:

Immediately receive your commissions in BTC in your back office and can withdraw them provided you have minimum of 10 Euro worth of BTC.

The compounding option that allows people to rebuy packs with their returns and commissions creates a real passive income opportunity for you from your referrals.

The opportunity is real and easy to share with people

The products are great and very hot topic – Cryptocurrency

No need to buy and stack up products in your house – all is digital and bought directly from the website

The company is growing and creating more great money making software products




And contact me to take you through the next steps so you can start earning passively Bitcoin (even when you sleep)

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Ready to answer all of them.

My best,

Justin Mutalemwa
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