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Mavwealth Review

4 Ways of making Money

Hey there welcome  my mavwealth review..

As you know  almost daily there are numerous programs being launched daily some are legit and others are scam..but for leaders or founders with the longest term plan create business opportunities in a most simplified way so as to attract more members and hence grow the company revenue amongst other competitors.

In this review am going to give you the details that I have been able to found out about this company though it seems it is not yet very popular due to their model of making money online which is not commonly used by most of companies.


Let’s View a company at a glance


Launch Date:July,2016

CEO:Peter Scott

Minimum Deposit:$50

Referral Commission:From 5%-15%

Payment Processors:Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, PayPal, SolidTrustPay, Payza, OKPAY, Neteller

What is

MavWealth is the passionate team of experts from both financial and technology domain who believe currency transaction and trading can be taken to newer heights & greater convenience to all. is the  Network Marketing Company which runs On Online Bidding On E-currency Vouchers or you can Say Money Coupons.

Mavwealth has for a first time introduced Reverse Auction Based Business in the history of MLM on the World’s most Powerful E-currencies. Example: Bitcoins, Netteler,Skrill,Payeer,..etc

What Differenciates Traditional Bidding from Reverse Auction?

We are pretty aware how traditional bidding happens , people with higher amount win the bidding whereas in Reverse Auction the person can bid In a Unique Lowest amount which should be not similar with another bidder then he is going to be the winner.

You can subscribe to Mavwealth Youtube Channel to watch all the important videos which will help you to know all you need about this business


The Products

Mavwealth has three Packages which are :


Explorer package cost  $50-$9999 –

Daily pay 1.5%

Referral commission 5%

Binary commission 10%


Pro package costs  $10000-$49999

Daily pay 1.75%

Referral commission 10%

Binary commission 10%


Achiever costs $50000-$99999

Daily pay 2%

Referral commission 15%

Binary commission 10%

The table below summarises everything about the products/packages






4 ways of Making Money with Mavwealth

Bid wins

Get creative, and make a unique and low bid on the deals of your choice and stand to make a lot of winnings as per your chosen deal.

The photo below shows how you can play and stand to win with Mavwealth.


Daily Cashback

You earn rewards on a daily basis based on the package purchased. The only condition being that every day to be able to earn the return you need to place a minimum of one bid.Daily cashback will be eligible only on WeekDays (excluding Saturday and Sundays)

Direct Income

When you join and  refer people. You will get a commission based on the package purchased by your referrals and it depends on highest active package of the user. You can invite unlimited number of people, the more people you refer the more money you make

Binary Income

Binary compensation are calculated on daily basis by following a 1:1 ratio for Binary compensation. For binary commissions, the amount considered will be the least of the total order value of left leg and right leg. Excess in any of the leg will be considered as Carry over and can be used in binary calculation on the next day. so you need two have active members in each of your legs to qualify for binary commission

“Binary commission for any user will be applicable only if he has an active package purchased. Daily capping is applicable on the binary commission and capping value depends on the highest active package of the user.

( Suppose the value of left leg is $2000 and right leg is $1500, the amount considered for Binary calculation will be $1500. That means for the binary calculation only $1500 will be considered as order value of left and right. Hence binary commission will be (5%*1500) + (5%*$1500) = 150 RP. So there will $500 balance as carry over in the left leg )”

So referring is important so as to grow your tree.If you have a problem with recruiting you can use these free methods that I have been using to find leads all are free  thats MLM Gateway and LinkedIn for Business

How to Join Mavwealth

You can sign up with Mavwealth free though you need to be at least 18 years old and should have a valid phone number and email which are used for verification


You can join today by clicking here or any banner you see in this post and I will contact you personally for more clarification on how this work or you may comment below for if you have any question regarding this review.

Lastly,since this is a new program we are not sure how long it will last so,I recommend if you are planning to invest with Mavwealth just start with what you can afford to lose.

Moreover here are some of earning proves with Mavwealth,hope you can be earning the more or the same if you decide to take action today!!!





Another payment proof

mavwealth payment proof


Moreover here are document proofs to show that Mavwealth is a legit company not scam and also its registered


mavwealth scam





Hope you enjoyed this review lets try the other way of making money with network marketing based on reverse auction bidding together,I will be glad to help if you join our team!!

Thanks a lot and See You at the Top.

 I am the real person feel free to add me as friend on facebook

Justin Mutalemwa.

justinus mutalemwa

4 Ways of making Money

4 thoughts on “Mavwealth Review

  1. Thank you Justin, it was amazing review upon Mav Wealth. I been following your blog ever since i saw your post in MLM group couple of days ago. It seems pretty cool and much more informative for upcoming Networkers. These reviews which your are bringing will help people who are interested in taking Network Marketing as their Career and helps them to grow great. Looking forward for more such reviews from you.
    Great Work ..

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