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Hey there ,welcome to my blog  Goextramiles,This is the community for opportunity seekers,newbies,the gure internet marketers and Investors who want to use as their means of creating a living or part time income or whom thie passion and hobbies is to make money online,



justin mutalemwa

My name is Justin Mutalemwa,I live in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania,currently am a university student at the University of Dar es Salaam,pursuing BSc. in Electrical Engineering.

I created this blog so as to share my knowledge about blogging.internet marketing, email marketing and other stuffs that are related with making money online,since are something that I do out of passion and hence aiming at helping anyone who want to leverage in this industry.

Mind you making money online may be easy or not easy as it takes some formulas also for others it happens as lucky and for others it has created losses,all you need to do is to Learn before you Earn or even it is possible to do both at the same time ,that is Earning while you Learn,moreover being consistent is what will keep you in a right track.

Meanwhile not all opportunities you see online are legit most of them and I can say a high percentage of them are scams very few are legit,so doing investigations and reading a lot of reviews is what will help you not to fall into scams


And here in Goextramiles our primary goal when creating this blog is to write reviews so as to help you not to fall in this trap,and we are not biased to any of the opportunities,We try to give a legit and real info on every opportunity we review here by evaluating the business model,and if the opportunity is there to provide values for people rather than money only,here I mean by accessing the products and moreover the people behind every opportunity by looking at their history on this industry.


Also moreover now cryptocurrency have evolved  lot of opportunities and most of them are not legit since as you know the knowledge on how cryptocurrency works is still little among the marketers and investors so many people have lost of money since they jump into these high invest opportunities without making a good review about them...Goextramiles will deal most with reviews on crypto currencies as it is something that has attracted attention of many investors so our aim is to help them to make a right decision before they invest in these bitcoin programs or other cryptocurrency programs.


Internet trends change from time to time and now we see that Forex Trading ,Binary Trading, E commerce wearable technology (IoT) are some of the opportunities that have also enabled some people to create wealth I will also try to add review and tips on how to work  with these also your contribution is valued if you can help me to write anything about these.



Lastly,I value people rather than business opportunities so I wish to stay in touch with you and am very active in these social media networks  Facebook , LinkedIn , Instagram and Twitter  and you can like my Facebook Fan Page. I will be glad to hear from you.

Thanks a lot and you are warmly welcome.

Justin Mutalemwa.

justin mutalemwa