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cryp trade capital review

Cryp Trade Capital Review October,2017

Hello there,

Welcome to my Cryp Trade Capital Review,

It is my hope you are doing great.


Today I would love to share with you and give updated information about Cryp trade Capital,I intend to provide this info to help affiliates and investors who are already with this company though for them, they may not need it too much but if you are building a team,this is what you should share with your team,and also the other important group is for the people who are totally in doubt with this program and would like to invest in Cryp trade Capital so as to benefit like any other members.

I know before you hit this post you have come across many negative reviews about this business but mind you,hope those reviews are from none members and mostly are people trying to pitch you with their opportunities.

So with review will assure yourself if this business is legit,crap or scam

In short I have been with this company since April,2017,I had also made a post about it here in my blog,you can read it too by clicking here.  

Now, let’s see the company at a glance,

Cryp trade Capital domain was registered in August 2016,but the company officially started to operate in September,2016 and became very popular when it started sponsoring Block chain Conferences and Cryp trade Congresses where the official presentations are made and the company reveals itself to the public.

The company was firstly registered in the United Kingdom (Edinburgh),but it was later also registered in Spain with physical address in Alicante as the CEO Vitaly Ipatov and his team are  based there.

You can see the company registration documents here:


cryp trade capital corporate



What is cryp trade capital and what do they deal with??

CRYP TRADE CAPITAL team is a well-organized group of successful top managers, ready to share their experience with the investors worldwide or anyone interested in making passive income through Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency trading.

The technical engineers and analysts of this company have developed a unique and more importantly comfortable platform for cryptocurrency trading and they keep improving it!

Unique, modern, win-win trading strategies, developed directly by the traders of the company!

They continuously run innovative tools for automatic trading, which make profits on investors’ accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

They  provides each new investor with an opportunity to receive the maximum of useful information in the context of cryptocurrency exchange house and market development.


What are Cryp Trade Capital Products??

The company offers online trading services, crypto currency consultancy services,investments portfolios and own Bitcoin-ATM machines and Credits cards.

cryp trade capital products

Now with an Investment Portfolio as the Product,anyone from anywhere in the world can join cryp trade capital provided he has reached the age of majority and you can sign up free  here.


Now after you sign up you will be required to verify your account via the SMS you receive.

To take full advantage of cryp trade capital affiliate program you need to invest at least $50 that is the minimum amount to invest,

You can promote freely but you will not be able to withdrawal any commissions unless you invest $50.


What are the investment plans in Cryp Trade Capital??

This company provides three types of Investment plan.

In which the deposits are valid for 1 year,and you will make profits 7 days and also withdrawals are processed on the 15th and 30th each month.

These plans are:-

1 STANDARD PLAN:                                                                                                                                                          This This is the lowest plan which includes investment from $50 to $4999. You will make daily profit of 0.59%, monthly profit will be 17.7% and annual profit  of 215.35%.



The investment is  from $5000 to $9999. You will make daily profit of 0.79%, monthly profit will be 23.7% and annual profit  of 288.35%.



 This is the lowest plan which includes investment from $10000 to $20,000. You will make daily profit of 0.99%, monthly profit will be 29.7% and annual profit  of 361.35%.


cryp trade capital package


                                                  You will find a profit calculator in this link 

For more details, about the company how it makes profit and its future may you watch the following videos below.

They are vert exciting information about cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology.



Moreover the company organized the event in Turkey that was carried on the 16th to 17th September this year.

It will help you to know more about the company,what they do and how much profit they had made for the whole year and where we  are moving too.

It is the longest video but if you want to take this business serious,you should watch it as it will remove all your doubts.


What Makes Cryp Trade Capital Unique?

Cryp Trade Capital  are offering the slow earning ,low daily returns, which makes this business model more stable, sustainable and long term.

The company guarantee daily returns less than 1% with which we are assured that with crypto currency trading this profit is possible .

Moreover the affiliate commissions are not more than 10%.

The company offers 7% for first level, 5% for second level,3% for third and up to 0.5% for 10th level


Owners are not hiding their identities, they are exposing themselves to the public unlike in many other scams and they have a good customer support.

Some partners have visited the offices in Spain and even the CEO has introduced himself many times at the events.


They are holding frequent live events, webinars and congress whose information is always published on the company page so as to allow many people to learn about this opportunity.

You can find more on the company page which is always being updated and info sent to users/investors via emails.


To assure investors, that this is not a ponzi   system, the trading videos are uploaded frequently and the daily progressive trading report is available on the members back office.

Trading report is available on the company after every two weeks.


They have real physical offices in Alicante Spain, and I know some investors who have visited their for proofs


Payment model is impressive Affiliate commissions are made every Monday and passive incomes on the 15th and 30th of each month.

Moreover,  they have good bonus for team builders, you can learn more about it in my previous post,


Cryp Trade Capital – The Verdict

According to my experience as I joined this business in April till today,I had ever had any issues with them they pay on time and they are very supportive,also their consistency of showing the trading report twice a month and organizing events has made believe that this company will stay for a long time and now they will add more stream of income as they are soon starting mining cryptocurrencies.

Moreover they are a lot of proofs in Youtube so you can check there to see how people are paid ,

I share with you this video for cryp trade capital income proof.


I would love to invite you to join under me via the link I below,and I am a real person for more details you can reach me on Facebook and LinkedIn I am very active in this social media or you can send an email via or my WhatsApp number +255653110113.


Click here to join my team, and then send me a private message on Facebook so that I can add you to our private group or more updates…I will be glad if you join under and I become part of your success!!


Hope you enjoyed this review,you can spread this good news by sharing this post to your friend.


I know I didn’t cover all you need in this review you can add anything you know in the comment section below and also you can ask me anything there I will be glad too If  I help you.


Justin Mutalemwa.


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