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Bitdonix Review

Hi there,

Welcome to my Bitdonix Review,a member to member donations platforms.

Chances are someone approached on social media or emailed you about this opportunity,

And the good news is that today you came across this page to do research before you jump into it blindly,

In this honest review,I am going to show you detailed info about the company,how it works  and the pros and cons of Bitdonix,

So that after that you will be able to know if it is legit or scam?


Now,Let’s view a Company at a Glance,


Owner: OJ Jordan,Lubos Hollan   &Tousif Parvez


Launch Date:October,2016


Payment Processors:Bitcoin

Minimum Deposit:0.05BTC (member to member payment)

Minimum Withdrawal:0.05 BTC (about or around $30)

Referral Commission:100%

Bitdonix is a person to person , member to member direct donation platform,which is free and available worldwide.

These donations are sent directly and personally from one member’s bitcoin wallet to another’s wallet. and there is no admin fees everything is automated by the system.

The aim of this is system is to help organizations such as fundraisers , schools and family or group of persons to help one other in their special needs.




You can watch the welcome video here


How it works and How to Make Money with it.

In short this is what you are to do but I have analyzed these steps in summary.

  • Register your account and start your journey with 0.05 BTC as donation with BitDonix to the person who referred you
  •  Invite at least 2 friends to share this amazing opportunity with you and start building your team and don’t
  • Start receiving donations directly to your bitcoin e-wallet and pursue your financial freedom.

Here you can have an overview of your potential earnings..

bitdonix review


Then I analyzed,


The Pros and Cons of Bitdonix


  • Bitdonix will work best for you if you join the powerful team or you will be able to recruit many people and upgrade to higher levels faster.
  • It also require a little investment so anyone can afford to join
  • If you invest a little effort,work hard and be consistent especially at this time when this program is not yet exposed to many people you will be able to earn much
  •  Bitdonix also provides ad credits so u will have a chance to promote other opportunities and your affiliate links when you join,if you for ad credits and design promotional branding pages u will earn multiple passive income too.


  • If you are new to online business,this would not be a good place to start
  • It’s not for affiliate marketers as they are no specific products to promote
  • Its a a Ponzi scheme
  • Also nobody is sure how long this program is going to last
  • There’s one only one payment processor that is Bitcoin and not all marketers use bitcoin and it might be not  working in some countries or territories.
  • Transfer of funds from members to members when using Bitcoin in some cases require some minutes to be complete


Is Bitdonix Scam or Legit??

In my opinion the programs which operate on member to member funding like leased ad space are not scam since there’s no admin fee but our question we don’t how the admins and owners benefit, and we cannot be sure how long it will last as there are no clear produts to promote, so u depend on someone’s investment to make money….

I always find this program for people who want to earn serious money for a short time like now when the program is still hot…so if you recruit and join powerful team you will be able to make money though you will have to recruit too and don’t depend on spillovers only.

In my opinion, Bitdonix is not  scam (this October) .

Moreover for those who  want to go for affiliate products there is a new program which  you can sign up freely and sell the training courses while also learning a lot internet marketing tips to take your business to the next


Thats my opinion,I like the programs with bitcoin model of payments but unfortunately bitcoin does not work here in my country.

I welcome your comments and view or anything I left out in this review I will also keep you updated about Bitdonix.

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You can also include your referral link in your comment if you are a member and don’t forget to share this info with your friends.


Thanks a lot and Stay Blessed.


Justin Mutalemwa.


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