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7 tips on how to use LinkedIn to grow your Business,Email listing and Generate leads for free

If you want to grow or promote or build email listing for free and generate leads, you should not ignore LinkedIn, a professional network with more than 450 million users, 128million from U.S according to August Stats,and the company  goal is to reach 3billion users in 200 countries and territories.

You can see how big LinkedIn is growing in the graph below:

linkedin statistics


I have highlighted 7 ways which can help you to grow your business on LinkedIn and meet the desired results.

1.Make a very effort and complete LinkedIn Profile Page

Adding a professional photo to our profile makes you 14 times more likely to be found and 36 times more likely to receive a message on LinkedIn.

Your profile page is the place to show off your greatest successes and future aspirations,behave as if you are successful man and you will be successfu but don’t lie!!

It’s also one of the first chances you have to make a good first impressions  for anyone discovering you on or off LinkedIn.

The picture should be of your face. Not your dog or car. Choose a simple headshot where you are looking straight ahead. No selfies. It’s well worth the money to have a professional picture taken.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be boring or artificial. You don’t have to wear business attire if that’s not your style. But you need to look professional and pleasant. Smile. You are going for “dependable” and “trustworthy.” Avoid “sexy” or “quirky.”

People remember faces more than names. This is also why one needs to see your face and not some other part of you.

Ask people to write recommendations about you, also when you write your summary, experiences and wherever you think you have chance to do so try to include keywords for search engine optimization (SEO.

When recruiters or customers use LinkedIn, they use certain industry-specific key words. These are the terms that will help you show up in their search results within LinkedIn.

LinkedIn says your profile will appear 40 times more in search results if it is “complete.” In other words, you will be open to 40 times more opportunities if you do this. So please do.

Here is LinkedIn’s definition of a 100% Complete Profile:
— Your industry and location
— An up-to-date current position (with a description)
— Two past positions
— Your education
— Your skills (minimum of 3)
— A profile photo

2.Build your connections to at least 500

The number of average connections that the CEO’s have is 930, this is  the  minimum number that I recommend  for you ,if you want to brand yourself and establish yourself as an authority by using LinkedIn.

Here’s John Patrick’s advice,  the founder of architecture and design agency  known as Above the Fold, who  says has managed to take his company global by using LinkedIn.

Don’t be afraid to invite people you don’t know to connect with you.!!
After all, the more people you have access to, the better the chances you’ll be exposed to opportunities. “Motivated people are always open to networking and meeting like-minded individuals,” he says. ”

So don’t let fear hold you back from just clicking the button to invite them to connect.”
Connect with people who will benefit from knowing you, too.

For example, recruiters are always looking to broaden their networks because the more people they know, the more prospective employees they can bring to clients. “Always ask, ‘Is this hugely beneficial?'” he suggests. “It’s really kind of a give and take, so don’t just be thinking about yourself.”

I have relied on his advice,that’s why I have managed to get more than 6000 followers on LinkedIn in less than 11 months since I joined and the number of people whom I know personally is less than 200 but I have built relationship here and found new amaizing people than in any social network, so to say whenever I have new offers or something to share this is where my eyeball focus.



Moreover don’t use LinkedIn like Social Network!!

It’s for professional networking, meaning you must use it to make yourself look informed and professional. To do so, consider posting articles that demonstrate your expertise or portray yourself as an insider and pro in your industry, otherwise you will lose trust from connections and people might block you or may not pay attention on your posts or whatever you share.

3.Join Groups and Participate Effectively

LinkedIn reports the average user joins 7 LinkedIn Groups, so your customers, influencers and competitors are using this LinkedIn community. LinkedIn allows up to 50 groups but you can join as many as you can manage, since staying active and share on a regular basis — at least three days a week..
Remember 70% of customers use groups to research and find people’s recommendations on products offered as each individual give his views accordingly, so it might be their start to make a decision so you will need also to join LinkedIn groups and participate effectively by sharing info ,starting the discussion and thank others for their comments by this you will build more connections.
One more tip!!  I found that the best time to post is 8:00 am as most of my posts have been getting much likes and comments when I post at this time.

4.Keep in touch with your LinkedIn Connections.

The connections you have on LinkedIn certainly isn’t in direct correlation to how much business you get from it!
The problem being that most people do nothing to communicate to their connections after the initial acceptance!

So, how can you keep in touch with your LinkedIn connections?
1. Personalize your connection request
Start the communication right from stage one! If you send a connection request directly from their profile on the desktop version, you are able to include a message. This is your first opportunity to communicate!
Just tell them why you want to connect and show that you have read their profile by commenting on something from it.
2. Send them a message
Once you are connected to someone, you are able to send them messages on LinkedIn. This doesn’t mean you should instantly start selling to your new connections.
But when someone has just accepted your connection request, or you there’s, why not send them a quick message saying that it’s great to connect, may be ask them a question to keep the conversation going.
3. Comment and share on status updates
The home page of LinkedIn is often overlooked, but gives you some great opportunities to communicate with your connections. Comment on status updates. Ask questions to open up conversation.
It will make you far more visible to them than just lurking on their connection list!
4. Post your own updates
You should also post your own updates as a means of adding value to your connections and opening up conversation with them. Post interesting links and articles. Ask questions. Stimulate conversation! Plus, even if they don’t communicate, they may read your update and you will gain increased visibility.
5. Follow LinkedIn’s prompts
LinkedIn will prompt you to communicate. It will encourage you to congratulate someone on a new job. Or wish them a happy birthday. It’s an easy and quick way to keep in touch with your connections!

5.Begin to Blog on LinkedIn.

Stats have shown that 31% of customers are influenced by blog posts. So, for you as internet marketer, entrepreneur or small business owner you can build your authority through post articles on your blog and on LinkedIn to reach and connect with their audience.

You can post the same content on each platform since you will be connecting with different audiences on each site and this will help you to get more traffic to your site and people will join you and not opportunity and you will notice the increase in the number of subscribers.

If you post the same content from your blog it will be nice to include the link of your blog post so people can find more information.
Blogging is a new content networking tool and will help build your credibility and increase your business messages reach when others share it to their social networks.
Moreover if you haven’t yet established as an authority you can take the advantage of using LinkedIn posts to write articles and ask people to share it eve on twitter,the best thing which I liked is that LinkedIn posts are ranked in search engines such as Google, I have used LinkedIn posts to promote StartRevshare and Traffic Monsoon and my posts ranked on Google so I had some sign ups from there but when these companies collapsed I had to erase them.

6.Frequently export your LinkedIn connections into an email address book.

Most of people you are connected with on LinkedIn probably have associated their email address and phone numbers with their account. This means you can contact them directly outside of LinkedIn, so as to extend communications.

Also sometimes it becomes weird and limited to send emails to your connections in LinkedIn as you can’t text more than 50 people at once,
Unfortunately LinkedIn does not allow to grap email addresses if you haven’t downloaded them,also
I have tried to use paid services like LinkedIn Mass Mailer softwares but also they have limitations and sometimes costful, and are being banned frequently as LinkedIn do not allow third party.
If you have your own email marketing softwares you can add subscribers by exporting their email addresses to your address books.
But remember to keep your list hygiene, so you should connect with relevant people and add them to the newsletter list, and after you download it you can do manual sorting as not everyone of your connections must be interested in your business or offers, sometimes if you are a student like me you can remove some of your seniors if you don’t want what you do to be exposed, if you are employed somewhere you can remove your employers too or people you know really they are not interested in your offers.

This is the procedure on how to Export your LinkedIn connections:
To export your contacts, go to My Network>> Connections >> Settings >> Advanced Settings >> Export LinkedIn Connections.
You can choose to download a .CSV or .VSF file which can be pulled into Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, or your Yahoo or Mac OS address books, then you will have a list of all of your connections within a fraction of second.

Check the highlighted procedures below

  • Procedure 1



  • Procedure 2



  •  Procedure 3

  • Procedure 4



I have used this techniques when I was promoting four corners alliance group and also in some campaign competitions such as Car From Japan Giveaways, and have really worked since this is my eyeball focus as I have earlier said.

7. Write a recommendation and endorse your connections

If you have worked with your connections, it’s a good idea to write them a recommendation. This holds much more kudos than ticking an endorsement box! State what was great about working with them, or the service they delivered. Or perhaps how they added value and helped you out with something.
Also endorse your connections for the skills they know and take time to thank people who endorse you and also you can start conversation from there.

Hope these are some of the tips which can boost you if you have any other idea,questions,suggestions and recommendations may you leave the comment here below.

I will kindly appreciate that and dont forget to share this post with your colleagues if you find it helpful.

Kind Regards,


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  1. Thank you Justin for the informative post. Indeed Linkedin if used properly can be a source of free leads. l didn’t know that you can export contact details of your connections. Have you ever tried the paid advertisement option?

    1. Thanks Amos for your comment.Yes LinkedIn can help you to start growing your email listing freely.
      Uhmmm….I have not yet tried paid advertisement but I want to try with Facebook ads soon

    1. Affiliate Marketing thanks a lot for suggestion I watched a video and thinking of joining you soon and writing its review today..I have added you on skype just check someone with username justin.eager hope to talk to you soon also be free to check this review

  2. I don?t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I do not know who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

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